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Digital Electronics  Timer

This is the original HCR timer found on ranches all across Texas! The Premier digital timer is extremely user-friendly and easy to operate. This timer is capable of running any direct current motor currently used in deer and livestock feeders. 

The timer may be set for up to four programs in a 24-hour period, and run for up to 30 seconds per feeding. A test mode is included, with a 5-second pre-programmed delay that allows you time to turn and walk a safe distance away before activation. 

Included is a 4-wire harness. Two wires connect to your battery terminals, and two to motor. 

This timer is adaptable to almost any feeding system on the market today! Buy now and see why this timer is a Texas classic!

UPDATE:  The Premier Timer is now capable of running both 6-volt AND 12-volt motors!

Deer Feeders

Feeders. Set up your new Deer Feeder and enjoy your very own nature viewing party. Sportsman's Guide has great deals on Wildlife Feeders and Deer Feeders for every need and budget. Whether you're looking for Automatic Feeders with timers and feed regulators, or a standard Tripod Feeder, your search is over!s

Spinner Plates

Tired of wind, raccoons, and squirrels wasting your expensive corn and protein feeds? The-Eliminator is the solution! 

The spinner plate is an innovative new design that can be added to any deer feeder with a 1/4" motor shaft.  When the motor spins, The-Eliminator drops down and throws feed.  When the feeding cycle is complete, the spring-loaded shaft returns the plate to the top position.  Mount The-Eliminator against your funnel or downspout for a tight seal. It excels as a spinner plate for truck, ATV, and UTV feeders because it is nearly immune to the bouncing and vibrations typical of this application.  Does The-Eliminator cost more than tradition spinners?  Yes, but with ever-rising price of corn and protein it could easily pay for itself in a few short months.  

Note: This is the round model. There also have a rectangular model available.



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